The Innovation Cycle

The framework for member engagement

The Innovation Cycle represents a framework for classifying the different stages and stakeholders related to the development of innovation.

EAI has defined this structure to facilitate and organize the work of its many members, organizations and stakeholders engaged in innovation and to facilitate the provision of activities, services and networking related to each individual segment.

The Cycle can be thought of both as a sequence, moving from one of the segments clockwise through to the next, or as standalone segments that apply a focus to the collaboration efforts of members.

Whether your needs and interests correspond with the early stages of innovation, that is, education and professional enhancement, or at a later stage like funding and business development, you will find the Innovation Cycle a vital tool as you navigate the community activity, events, volunteer opportunities and innovation services offered through EAI.

The Innovation Cycle is composed of the six segments representing the EAI vision of activities perceived as fundamental to Europe’s innovation based competitiveness."

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