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What is EAI ?
EAI is a community of ICT innovators working together to make a better world. Find great ideas. Share your own.
Be part of the Innovation revolution.
The Innovation Cycle
The Innovation Cycle is composed of the six segments representing the EAI vision of activities perceived as fundamental to Europe’s innovation based competitiveness."
Scientists and Academics
Benefit from a multiplier effect by disseminating your work to the extensive EAI network and gain recognition by competing against the brightest minds through EAI’s unique awards programme and student competition. "
Individuals and Entrepreneurs
Expand your professional network through the EAI Community and identify emerging areas through ICT as a unifying driver. "
Business and Industry
Access a platform from which to promote your own innovation vision, discover new talents and opportunities to invest. "
Institutions and Organisations
Leverage mass collaboration by crowdsourcing new ideas and applications. "

Latest news

Market trends & society impact
01 Jul 2013 - 30 Sep 2013

European Alliance for Innovation opens a new office in Bratislava, Slovakia

Market trends & society impact
Dissemination & personal recognition
07 Dec 2011

EAI Partner The Peres Center for Peace and its Yala Young Leaders Movement have received a letter from Cardinal Bertone, expressing support for the initiative on behalf of his Holiness the Pope.