Steve Wright

Former Head of Strategic Research at BT

Dr Steve Wright was Head of Strategic Research, in the BT Group Chief Technology Office till 2009. He is an engineer, with a degree in electrical sciences from the University of Cambridge and a PhD from University College London, and has 30 years experience of ICT, in both the communications and computing industries. His research focus has moved (with the focus of the industry) from materials and devices, through protocols and systems to services and solutions. Prior to joining BT, Steve worked at HP Laboratories, where he led research in pervasive computing, content delivery, mobility, LAN and Internet technologies. He was also founding Director of the HP Internet Research Institute Within BT, he is responsible for BT’s strategic research investments and external research relationships. Steve was a Director of the Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network, a member of the EPSRC User Panel , and  a member of ISTAG.

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