Terttu Luukkonen

Head of Unit at the Research Institute of Finnish Economy

Terttu Luukkonen is Head of Unit at the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy. She has previously held positions with the Technical Research Centre of Finland (Chief Research Scientist, Director of VTT Group for Technology Studies, 1995-2001) and the Academy of Finland (1974-1995). Her expertise covers a wide range of questions in research and innovation policy in Europe.

She was responsible for consulting and assessing science and innovation policies for national governments (Finland, Ireland, Estonia, Austria) and was on expert boards in France and Sweden. She has consulted international organisations (European Commission, European Court of Auditors, OECD, UN ECE, and the Nordic Council of Ministers). She was on the 5-Year Assessment Panel of the EU’s ICT Programme, 2004, on the Panel of experts of the FP7 ICT Interim Evaluation, 2009- 2010, on the Panel of Experts of the first Interim Evaluation of the ARTEMIS and ENIAC Joint Technology Initiatives, 2010, and on the panel of experts to advise on the design and implementation of the European policy in the Final (Second Interim) Evaluation of the Information and Communication Technology Support Programme in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (2011).

Dr. Luukkonen has pursued research on and evaluated public support to research and innovation activities. She is currently carrying out research in two FP7-funded projects, one on financing entrepreneurial ventures in Europe and the other on the role of the European Research Council in the European Research Area and the changing European research funding landscape. She presents a remarkable list of publications and contributions to international conferences dealing with research and innovation policy questions. She has held visiting fellowships in the UK and France and is on Editorial (Advisory) Boards of several journals in the area, including Research Policy.

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