Wim Bartholomeus

Founder of the law firm Rabot Law, Belgium

Wim Bartholomeus was born in Gent (Belgium), the 5th January 1972. In June 1995 he obtained his degree of Master in law "cum laude" from the University of Gent. In September 1995 he became lawyer at the Barr of Gent. In September 1999 he started his own lawfirm. In 2004 he was founder of Rabotlaw (www.rabotlaw.be), a mid-sized law firm in Gent mainly focused on civil and commercial law in a wide sense.

The clients of Rabotlaw are mostly national and international medium sized companies. In October 2003, he was co-founder of Iusful European Legal Network (www.iusful.com).

Since Rabotlaw is also founding member of Consilium Juris (www.consilium-iuris.net), the law firm of Wim Bartholomeus has on a daily basis close cooperation with offices in most of the European countries.

The aim of these international legal networks is to provide services primarily to small and medium sized companies, to contribute to opening up new business opportunities and to help to realize these business opportunities by providing high quality legal service for a competitive price.

Besides the legal job, since the age of 16, Wim Bartholomeus has played bassguitar with many national and international artists. In 2007, he became the President of ICST i.v.z.w.

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