AUTOCLUSTERS Final Conference

The Final Conference of the AUTOCLUSTERS project is being organized by Slovak partners, Automotive Cluster – West Slovakia and Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava. Crowded auditorium at Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava - representative from project partners will present the main activities and highlight the key results of project AUTOCLUSTERS. The organizers expect around 200 delegates from cross – sectoral range of areas: members of governmental organizations, academic and research staff, members of trade union and non-governmental organisations, project partners and others interested in automotive field. The conference will open with welcome speech by Oliver Moravčík, Ph.D., - Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, Tibor Mikuš, Ph.D., – president of Trnava Region and Vladimír Butko – mayor of Trnava . The most important achievement of the conference will the creation of panel with experts and HR representative of Automotive industry. Presentation of report „Social dialogue in Automotive Sector in South East Europe“ – results and evaluation of a Common Methodology approach will present by Diego Borsellino – General Manager Comunimprese Scarl and Gianluca Gullotta – Ismo Senior Researcher. Social dialogue will point out the state of industrial relations and collective bargaining in automotive sector. This forum will be moderated and discussed by Roberto Ferrari - General Manager Ismo. There will discuss other experts from automotive sector in social dialogue. The main organizational principle of the Conference is to give the floor to speakers, who represent corresponding leaders from various government agencies and companies. Organizers invite you to take a look at the work that′s been done by AUTOCLUSTERS project and follow partnerships that have been advanced in the SOuth East Europe region. Our cooperation brings results for our common future.

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Final Conference PRESENTATIONS


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