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The objective of the Academy


The objective of the Innovation Academy is to promote innovative contributions in research and practice in all stages of the innovation cycle, through activities summarized as Innovation S(trategy)E(ducation)A(ssessment):

  • Strategy (engaging individuals and institutions in active grassroots innovation policy formulation)

  • Education (building new generations of innovative mindsets)

  • Assessment (evaluating achievements and recognizing innovation excellence)

Academy Structure

Board of Governors

Board of Trustees

Advisory Board

Academy Members

Academy Council

The governing body of the Academy liaises with EAI organs to ensure its procedural and strategic development, as well as its mission, is consistent with those of EAI. The BoG has the authority to approve and to introduce changes regarding structure, roles, activities and Board appointments of the Academy.

The Board of Trustees is entrusted with the responsibility for setting  innovation policy, advocacy, the recognition of innovative achievements and communication of Academy activities to EAI members and general public.  

The Advisory Board of the Innovation Academy deals with education, outreach and sister academy relations. In particular, as a joint board with the YALA (Young Leaders) Academy, the Advisory Board acts as liaison for coordination of remote learning which represents a segment of educational activities of the Academy.

Academy Members represent internationally renowned thought leaders and experts who have made fundamental contributions in promoting research and science as conduit for innovation. Membership in the Academy constitutes one of the highest levels of recognition for distinguished individuals that have demonstrated leadership and achievement in the area of innovation and its impact on society.

The Academy Council is responsible for all operational aspects of the academy's affairs. The Council consists of several committees grouped according to the activities they are in charge of, including Awards Committee, Grassroots Committee, Inno-rank Committee and Magazine Committee.

  •  Awards Committee

Awards Committee closely cooperates with the Board of Trustees in order to organize calls for nominations, evaluate and rank nominations and select winners in respective Award Categories (which include Awards, Medals and Sponsored Awards).

  • Innovation Ranking committee

Inno-rank committee cooperates with EAI to provide trustworthy indexing of innovation achievements, allowing the community to set the criteria for measuring innovation excellence. The committee is responsible for the management of the dynamic ranking process, interaction with the community, promotion of innovation ranking inside and outside EAI communities.  

  • Magazine committee

Magazine Committee acts as an Editorial Board for the I(nnovation) A(cademy) M(agazine) Innovator Magazine. It consists of the chairs of Awards Committee, Grassroots Committee and Innovation Ranking committee. Magazine committee is responsible for the content of all issues published during a year.







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