EAI360 Bringing Ideas to Market

eai360 brings your Ideas to the market

A community powered virtual platform designed to drive innovation into successful businesses.
With 360° set of tools, guidance and services, this platform transforms ideas into businesses.
Via community, automated processes and world class acceleration programs.

Have a project or a Startup?

Try our custom-made workspace for managing projects and teams, along with variety of boosting services. Here you can get feedback from peers and professionals, share and discuss ideas and technologies, build teams.
We also offer tools and services to monetize and raise funds

Working on an exciting research?

Check our platform for getting traction and recognition. Match up and collaborate. Find projects, people, and events. Validate your ideas/technology. Explore your monetization options. Use our custom-made tool to build a Proposal for H2020.

Searching for People, Projects, or events?

Share and discuss ideas & technologies. Build your team, find consortium members. Match up and collaborate. Our scalable platform has no limits on the number of participants and location, thus, enables more ideas and business opportunities, along with fast and large scale validation.

Need a bit of boosting?

Check our 360° set of tools & services designed to expedite your Idea to Market. Promote your business, attract users, funding and support. Assess your IP, and explore Monetization opportunities. Validate. Achieve product market fit, and raise funds with our crowdfunding engine.

Check eai360 acceleration program.
For more information contact us at innovation@eai.eu

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