Publications for Community Partners and Societies

The European Alliance for Innovation offers a comprehensive publication portfolio in support of innovation. EAI provides inclusion in publication series including journals, magazines and books, publication support tools, promotion and dissemination through EAI network and Open Access network as follows:

Conference Proceedings

Societies can publish their conference proceedings with EAI and enjoy multiple advantages:

  • an Open Access platform
  • long-term archiving
  • secure, structured distribution
  • free access to knowledge

Proceedings published with EAI are disseminated through our community of scientists, entrepreneurs and member organisations and included in all major indexing systems.

Learn more about EAI proceedings

Academic Journals: EAI Transactions

Transactions endorsed by EAI are open-access peer-reviewed journal publications covering a wealth of new and innovative ICT and related fields.

Journals published by EAI use Web-based participatory tools that allow for fast publication and peer review.

Also, EAI supports members’ journals by disseminating them in the EAI community of individual and institutions.

Discover EAI Academic Journals

The Innovator magazine

The Innovator is EAI’s flag-ship magazine for the ICT innovation community connecting all segments of the innovation value chain, with dedicated coverage on all the latest developments and implications of new technologies on society.

Societies can submit magazine articles and see them published on one of the leading online magazines about innovation.

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