Promotion for Community Partners and Societies

EAI offers its Affiliated Community Partners important opportunities for increased outreach, recognition and local and international impact for society as a collective as well as for its own Members.

Promotion through participation

The Affiliated Partners can:

  • Join EAI Summits activity by proposing a workshop, panel or by suggesting a technical session presentationas an organizing committee member, sponsor, or exhibitor. Read more
  • Be a candidate for hosting EAI endorsed conferences of other societies
  • Access dissemination via EAI website, newsletter, publications and communication channels;
  • Access cooperation and participation opportunities in EAI community activities, including:
    • Events
    • Seminars/conferences
    • Publications
    • Use of advanced collaborative tools in all areas within the EAI mission
  • Increase visibility by displaying the member’s logo on the EAI website and providing the EAI logo for use in approved co-sponsored activities.

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