For over a decade our Company has been optimizing methodologies and developing software tools to underpin service-side processes. Our flagship products are resource and service management information systems, especially aimed at ICT management: ALVAO Asset Management, ALVAO Help Desk, ALVAO Service Desk and ALVAO Monitoring.
As a Microsoft Partner our ALVAO product development is strategized on and to the Microsoft platform. We develop in accordance with several technological and security standards. Thanks to this strategy ALVAO products integrate readily with Microsoft technologies such as Office, Exchange, Sharepoint, Active Directory and so on, easing deployment and reducing operating costs.
Our Company has won numerous prestigious awards for the effective client deployment of ALVAO and related methodologies: Microsoft Industry Awards 2006 Finalist and Microsoft Industry Awards 2007 Winner in the “Best Solution for Licensing and Software Asset Management” category, Microsoft Industry Awards 2008 Finalist in the “Best Solution for Broadcasting & Media” category, Microsoft Technology Awards 2008 Finalist in the “Best Solution utilizing Microsoft Windows Server 2008” category and Microsoft Technology Awards 2009 Finalist in the “Best Solution for the maintenance and optimization of IT infrastructure” category.


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