CECABLE is an international research center that conducts and disseminates research on cable telecommunications, broadband, and related services. Its mission is to provide an on-going analysis of the global technological revolution from social, humanistic, technical, and scientific perspectives.

The main objective of CECABLE is to carry out research on cable and broadband technologies from a wide spectrum of perspectives. Its work is centered on the production of studies, essays, and other forms of documentation which address issues related to the development and implementation of these technologies. The group links distinguished academics, researchers, and members of the business community throughout Spain interested in tracking, analyzing, and debating the development and implementation of cable and broadband technology (including HFC, FTTB and FTTH cable networks) in Catalonia, Spain, Europe, and the world. Unlike similar research centers in countries such as the United States―which has a long tradition of generous public and private institutional support―CECABLE operates under a modest budget financed through private donations and government funding.

Companies involved in cable development and government entities charged with regulating and monitoring the implementation and commercial aspects of this technology are the principal direct beneficiaries of CECABLE’s research, activities, and resources. The general public benefits indirectly through the triple play (Internet, telecommunications, and television) or quadruple play (the aforementioned three technologies enhanced by mobility) services they enjoy as consumers.


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