Center for Multidisciplinary Approach and Technology

The Center for Multidisciplinary Approach and Technology is a fast growing non-profit organization working in different fields of healthcare. It was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization resided in Brussels. CMAT was an outlet for creative scientific ideas, some of which found their way into national and international projects. The group is devoted to encourage, support and develop R&D activities within the bio, psychological and social framework and this according to special societal needs. CMAT encourages multidisciplinarity in scientific research, develops special tools for idea structuring and integrates these tools in courses of high quality and consultancy. CMAT looks at things in a different way and forces his clients to go beyond obvious alternatives by using provocative statements during their search for competitive ideas. This leads to evolving think tanks where CMAT plays the role as moderator. CMAT offers a comprehensive service for initiating and managing EU fund raising initiatives, starting from the very early proposal’s stage, up to the exploitation of the results. The founders have more than 15 years of experience in research projects. CMAT's experience covers all stages and roles in a project. Our services relieve researchers from administrative and managerial burdens and help to achieve valuable results. CMAT offers administrative and technical support, helps conceptualizing ideas and bringing them to maturity. Very recently and thanks to investors, CMAT was able to expand their services to a brand new therapeutic/research division: CMAT Brain Unit ( ). This division is located in Flanders.


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