Center for Social Leadership NGO

The Center for Social Leadership was founded in 2013 on the initiative of the Group of Social Business O 2
The mission of the Centre: development of the social economy in Ukraine.

The Centre:
- Center for exchange of experience and support for social initiatives , new knowledge and the development of social leaders.
Recent work tools, consulting, seminars, workshops, lectures and informational support.
Strategic development, service and resource support social entrepreneurs: ecosphere methods, personnel, legal, marketing support and support for social entrepreneurs and social investment;

- Center aggregation of the best Ukrainian and international social projects - creating a model of initiation, selection and examination of social projects, like creating systemic paradigm, leading to institutional changes in the social sphere.
Recent work tools: bank best social projects Ukraine and the world, social networking social leaders;
Strategic development: increasing the number and effectiveness of social projects Ukraine, creating social incubators;

- Center for Social Marketing in Ukraine
Recent work tools, consulting, seminars, workshops, lectures.
Strategic development: development of social marketing programs for socially responsible business, public sector representatives, international institutions, social entrepreneurs - the third sector.


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