The ICT Demo Center in Tallinn, Ülemiste City is the place to see Estonian ICT and e- governance in action. Estonia, The Baltic Tiger, is the only country where internet is a social right, where one could vote via Internet since 2005, where digital society is built mainly for the benefits of its tech-savvy nation, leaving unpleasant bureaucracy and administration behind.
Its purpose is to showcase the nation's ICT solutions both from public and private sector, all in one facility, providing visitors with hands-on examples and live demo of how the Digital society works and is structured. Visitors gain ideas to implement in their home country, come to consult and learn from Estonia’s experience.
Here you'll find:
• Enterprise Area, to demonstrate systems designed for use in business
• Home Environment that includes existing ICT solutions for households
• State section, where e-government solutions and services are demonstrated and explained
• School Environment that shows how IT is used in the teaching process
• Forest Management division were remote solutions and communication options are highlighted
• Technical Playground designed to show ICT technological solutions to CIOs and other specialists
ICT Demo Center was established 3 years ago and hosts international delegations daily. Since then Presidents, minister’s delegations, business developers and entrepreneurs, investors as well as journalists have visited ICT Demo Center in Tallinn, Estonia.
If you think, that establishing a company over the internet in 18 minutes is just a fantasy, come and see for yourself. To visit ICT Demo Center please go to www.e-estonia.com and book your demo today!



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