Founded in 1968, IFIA is a worldwide nongovernmental organization of inventors’ associations and other inventors’ organizations aiming to connect, to support inventors internationally and to represent their common interests. Its mission is to disseminate knowledge of the innovation development and to promote inventive and entrepreneurial spirit.

IFIA promotes cooperation between inventors’ associations and other inventors’ organizations in different countries - connects inventors worldwide (by networks) in order to exchange experiences and mutual assistance.
Represents common interests of inventors and struggles to create better conditions for inventors all around the world, with special attention to the marginalized groups of inventors, such as independent inventors, inventors form less developed countries, minorities, such as women inventors, and last but not least, especially encourages young inventors.
Strives to establish the conditions for successful knowledge and technology transfer within the particular countries and internationally.
Organizes educational programs including seminars, conferences, and workshops regarding intellectual property rights, innovation development and technology transfer.
Supports and cooperates on international exhibitions of inventions and similar events such as invention festivals and competitions
Awards the best inventors worldwide.
Publishes news, guides, statistical and educational books.
Provides consultative services on innovation.


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