Research Centre for Info-Communication Technologies

The Research Centre for Info-Communication Technologies (Centre for ICT) has been established at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, in Podgorica, via the Fore-Mont EU REGPOT project.
The Centre is the leading institution for generating new ICT research in Montenegro and the region of South-Eastern Europe. Its aim is to generate cooperation with relevant stakeholders while working on different research projects.
Its mission includes contribution towards developing and implementing Digital Agenda whilst facilitating better understanding of key ICT technologies and innovations.

The Centre is currently recognized through its activities related with the implementation of ICT solutions in different fields, i.e. through the creation of advanced solutions for info-communication infrastructures, smart applications and e-services.
The topics of the Centre’s researcher’s interest include: IoT, SDN concept, sensor and cognitive networks, smart agriculture and e-health applications.
At the national level, the Centre is at the forefront of creating and implementing IP development plans and strategies, having the focus on ICT innovations and patents.


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