Zonopact is a software development firm that has been offering bespoke solutions to businesses from a multitude of industries across the globe. Specializing in cloud-based solutions, the company has launched its flagship product in the form of a unified business management suite that has been built to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability for enterprises of all sizes, shapes and sectors. The software development firm specializes in developing high performance and innovative business management solutions.

Zonopact made a great impact with its flagship product – Clintra – a groundbreaking enterprise management suite that features a social intranet. It is one-of-a kind software as a service solution that offers complete customization options. Clintra is a comprehensive enterprise management suite that has distinguished itself as a highly flexible and customizable solution with an amazing social intranet aspect. The solution has been designed with an understanding that all businesses have different needs. The applications are equally valuable for small and medium sized enterprises as well as big organizations.

Zonopact is dedicated to creating cutting edge technology products. Our passion for innovation made us to start an Innovation lab. By empowering the hands that will build the future, we are supporting the dream of a better world - a world where innovative technology is developed and effectively implemented in a manner that it positively impacts life across cultures and communities.
From possibilities to opportunities, Zonopact Innovative Lab is an incubator that offers all the aid and support needed to make this world a better place by ensuring a promising future.


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