EAI brings together key participants in the innovation cycle and supports them by facilitating communication, engagement and collaboration from the grassroots.


Accelerating innovation through engagement

The Community is the ensemble of individual EAI members; scientists, inventors, venture capitalists, and policy makers, collaborating in an unprecedented way to change the insular mindset and wide-spread fragmentation that impedes innovation in Europe.
The Community connects professionals through Web 2.0 tools, events and conferences, creating leadership on focused issues, and opportunities to share and discover ideas, best practices and services.

By joining the Community you will benefit of professional development & recognition, increased access, enhanced influence and expanded network. Read more.

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An Institution joining EAI becomes a member of the Strategic Forum, the strategy and advocacy body of EAI, where leading minds with insight and influence in industry, society, and government come together to engage in the mission of advancing innovation in Europe through EAI and its many facets.

Through the Strategic Forum, member organisations:

  • Access a pan European platform endorsing and promoting their initiatives and activities
  • Access an innovation based network of agents traditionally fragmented and isolated
  • Access joint initiatives such as White Papers, Recommendations, Best Practices , Knowledge and Skills sharing
  • Access a unified movement advocating for the promotion and impact of ICT-driven Innovation
  • Leverage their products and services at the international level
  • Find strategic partnerships and business alliances
  • Share and disseminate their messages and contents through the EAI tools (EAI Community, Newsletters, PublicationsSummitsConferences)

Read more about Institutional membership benefits.

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