For Individuals

Professional Development & Recognition

  • Tap into the community’s objective peer review
  • Benefit from a multiplier effect by disseminating your work to the extensive EAI network
  • Become a “trendsetter” by participating in peer evaluation councils, scripts and new indexing opportunities
  • Participate in Science, Innovation and Business Councils (SIBs) by engaging on the portal and attending Summits to gain exposure to leading edge thinkers and ideas
  • Gain recognition by competing against the best and brightest through EAI’s unique awards programme and student competition

Increased Access

  • Career news and job opportunities
  • Information & resources
  • EAI digital library
  • Latest innovation developments
  • Member services
  • Comprehensive dissemination services for self-promotion
  • Effective dissemination strategies
  • Extensive resources to gain support for your projects

Enhanced Influence

  • Enhance the impact of innovators in Europe by joining with like minded people
  • Have a voice in key decisions impacting future directions of innovation and standards
  • Join the innovation conversation via the portals and community forums

Expanded Network

  • Expand your professional network through the EAI Community
  • Get network support for your activities and events
  • Identify emerging areas through ICT as a unifying driver
  • Interact with your peers on the portals and through community forums



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