For Institutions

Institutional Membership benefits

EAI Institutional Members have access to a wide range of benefits which facilitate building and strengthening partnerships with the key players involved in the EAI through virtual and physical participation via innovative tools, bridging the gap between research, business and European policy.

Benefits for Institutional members include:

Advocacy activities

  • Present a unified voice to influence policies and regulations to support your Members’ Cluster
  • Propose proactive strategies to better face economic challenges
  • Streamline and empower EU standardization


  • Leverage mass collaboration by crowd sourcing new ideas and applications
  • Extensive networking and collaboration with partners, competitors, universities, users
  • Find new talent, ideas and discoveries
  • Find strength in numbers by uniting to face global economic competition
  • Brainstorm with other members to find creative solutions to existing challenges

Innovation matchmaking

  • Funding sources and opportunities to invest
  • Thematic and technological expertise from EAI network members
  • Challenge EU fragmentation of science and resource discovery
  • Entrepreneurship through corporate venturing, start-ups and spin-offs
  • Find qualified partners for funded projects, for new ventures, or for innovative solutions
  • Technology and service providers
  • Prototypes that provide new investment opportunities
  • Connect with top level players from academia, private sector and investor community

Visibility and recognition

  • A platform from which to promote your own innovation vision
  • Enhance the visibility and brand of your organization as a generator of innovation
  • Increase the success rate of your EU project submissions
  • Enlarge the market potential for EU companies
  • Expanded market reach and benefit from the multiplier effect

Education and mindset change of people and employees

  • Facilitate transfer of know-how
  • Make major contributions to innovation in your community, in Europe, and globally
  • Develop employee skills to gain professional recognition

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