Students competitions on “Innovation in the automotive sector”




Students competitions on “Innovation in the automotive sector.”

The automotive network for Innovation in south east Europe (ACSEE) has launched two student competitions with the aim of highlighting projects from students and reward inventive European Research and Innovation ideas in the automotive field.

AUTOCLUSTERS is a project co-funded by South East Europe programme
and European Union funds.

The aim of the project is to bring together Universities, R&D institutions, SME support facilities from EU-15, NMS as well as IPA in order to parpare and create the first automotive network in South East Europe.
The competitions are intended for:

See also the calls on the AUTOCLUSTERS web site.


Notification of winners


Competitions winner

Ph.D. (11 October 2011)

Martin Belusky and Marian Hodulik: "Optimization of Material Flow Innovation in the Automotive Sector"

Sticea Daniel: "Bidirectional dc-dc converter for energy source interface on hybrid electric vehicle"

Krasimir Krustev: "Conceptual model of automated battery exchange system with using of 3d scanning"

Miha Pevec: "Thermal and cooling analysis of a passenger car front brake disc"

No winners have been declared!

Master and Bachelor Students (1 November 2011)

Roman Viden: “Rapid prototyping technology as used on the innovation process in automotive industry”

No winners have been declared!

Guoyu Lu: "Lane departure warning and vehicle tracking system based on vision."



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