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The EAI Green World SIB is a consortium of European industry, research, government and non-governmental-organisation leaders that collaborate to share information on green technology strategies, best practices, technologies and initiatives. Green World encompasses public policy initiatives and innovations in infrastructure, industry, and commerce; focused on environmental improvements that benefit the health and economies of European countries and their citizens.

Green World SIB supports sustainability. Its aim is to work towards the first decoupling of Green ICT, Smart Energy, and Environmental Management. Recent technological achievements, including Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), provide a useful tool to support Sustainable growth. Therefore, in order to avoid innovative ideas getting ‘lost’ in scientific papers and literature, the Green World SIB must stimulate European industries, research institutions, governments and non-governmental-organisations to collaborate and support innovative ideas to become real, promoting interdisciplinary research.




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AUTOCLUSTERS is a project co-funded by South East Europe programme and European Union funds. The aim of the project is to bring together Universities, R&D institutions, SME support facilities from EU-15, NMS as well as IPA in order to parpare and create the first automotive network in South East Europe

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Jean-Marc Pierson
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Luigi Telesca
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Alberto Moro
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Tyler Folsom
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Moshe Ran
Vice Chair Research and Technology Transfer
Paolo Anselmo
Vice Chair Funding and Business Development
Giorgos Bouloukos
Vice Chair Market Trends and Society
Dina Simunic
Vice Chair Intellectual Property and Standards