About Wellbeing (SIB-WellB)

This SIB’s main focus is to provide a common place for the multidisciplinary community of people interested in the different dimensions of wellbeing to meet, discuss and innovate together. It aims to create innovative approaches to empower the society and its individuals though the use of technologies that may positively impact their overall wellbeing. It identifies the main characteristics of everyday living in order to drive research and innovation towards addressing the main challenges that have to be addressed to empower the individuals and society in their quest for wellbeing.

This SIB intends to empower not only people with a compromised state of personal wellbeing but also healthy people like their relatives and caregivers and others capable of maintaining and improving their personal condition. Improving awareness of personal state and persuading positive changes in lifestyle and habits can be accomplished by producing means to interface systems with humans. SIB participants have an opportunity to cooperatively develop technologies focusing on improving the different dimensions of human wellbeing. This includes creation of unobtrusive sensing means to identify the relevant physical, physiological and psychological parameters and consequently develop comprehensive models of the human wellbeing. The envisioned wellbeing technologies and applications should be accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere, including minorities and developing regions.

The scope is to provide a multidisciplinary space in which different actors from academia, research, industry, business, SMEs, NGOs and public institutions come together and share their ideas and experience on the use of technologies in healthcare and all other areas that impact on preventing health decline and in general, maintaining people overall well being.

Modern societies, more than ever before, have the opportunity to positively impact on people’s wellbeing. This is due to the evolution of communications, computing and in general ICT technologies. There has never been a better time in when the research activity can have a strong influence on the improvement of individuals’ wellbeing within different spheres of every day life. These spheres comprise different dimensions, encompassing the broader state of individuals, including their physical and cognitive states, the emotional-social dimensions and the environmental factors affecting the person’s overall wellness. The mission of the Wellbeing Technologies SIB is to identify the main characteristics of these daily living spheres impacting on wellbeing in order to drive research and innovation towards addressing the main challenges that future research should face to empower individuals and society wellbeing.


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Oscar Mayora
Deputy Chair Membership
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Eva Petersson
Vice Chair Education and Professional Enhancement
Lorenzo T. D'Angelo
Vice Chair Dissemination and Personal Recognition
Juan Augusto
Vice Chair Research and Technology Transfer
Norman Lewis
Vice Chair Funding and Business Development
Anthony Brooks
Vice Chair Market Trends and Society
Vice Chair Intellectual Property and Standards