2012 Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit


The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) is delighted to announce the Internet as Innovation Eco-System Summit 2012, which will take place in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy on October 4 - 6, 2012.

EAI Summits - The Convergence of the Community

EAI Summits are intended as the premier European events for emerging technologies that promise to enhance technological and socio-economic innovation and growth in Europe. Summits have the specific mission of being the premier gathering place for showcasing ideas that matter, transferring innovative findings from research to business, demonstrating new products and technology, and promoting interaction between scientific and regulatory sectors.

The outcomes of this intensive event are new groundbreaking technologies, extraordinary ventures, unanticipated partnerships, and the next generation of ideas and products that will have a name in Europe and the world.


Information and communication technology (ICT) is becoming smarter, smaller, faster, and more densely connected. As a result, Internet supported services are entering a new phase of mass deployment which brings a huge number of new opportunities and challenges in terms of scalability, capacity, throughput, mobility and trust.

The Future Internet domain is being shaped around a number of technologies which, combined together, will allow public and private organizations to change the way in which the society operates.

IIES SUMMIT 2012  brings together a wide range of stakeholders and actors involved in the development and implementation of Future Internet Technologies, ensuring that these technologies respond to the arising needs of the global society and economy.

IIES SUMMIT 2012 provides an ideal forum for the presentation and discussion of the issues, trends and actions central to the Internet technologies both in Europe and worldwide.


Offering a unique networking and match-making opportunities for students, engineers, researchers, scientists, SMEs, business development experts and service providers, as well as policymakers in the Future Internet Technologies domain and other emerging domains where new internet information technologies find their application

Offering a valuable chance to discuss practical experience, get the latest information about applicability and usage of technologies, discover the latest innovative approaches and experience in related technological areas, as well as promote activities among a large number of participants,  take part into exclusive competitions, explore funding opportunities, ensure your experience and your organization opportunities and exposure that go far beyond the event’s duration


Investigating and addressing issues that belong to either the “Internet of Things” world and the “Internet of Services” world to generate solutions for the “Internet of People” environment and ensure a fruitful implementation and use of
Internet technologies at all levels.




Men and women who have changed the world. Companies that perform outstandingly. Case history to get inspired from. Unique chances to be in touch with the most reknown innovators. This is what the “Market Trends and Society Impact” track is for. SIBs members who are eager to understand the world they live in, to identify the innovation trends that will make it a better place, to discover how their commitment could influence not only further technological developments but also engaging ICT in a positive way for societal changes, find here what they need. Read more about this track...

Track Program Elements Include:


Find the right talent for your company, foster education and training initiatives, support student competitions, share your innovative training program: this track is aimed to facilitate SIBs members towards informative exchange about education and professional enhancement so to implement innovative approaches to college and university educationand make sure the academic environment is able to match the expectations of the business one. Read more about this track...

Track Program Elements Include:


Share insight and your wisdom with the most qualified audience from the innovation environment: this track enables SIBs members to maximize the impact of their  ideas, business, products, services by making the world aware about them. Whether through a keynote speech or a dedicated publication, their impact on innovation will find its way to the right audience. Read more about this track...

Track Program Elements Include:


Matchmaking is crucial to any business. Whether it is aimed to skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing or facilities; whether among governments or universities and other institutions, or among private organizations, to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services is this track’s main objective.  Read more about this track...

Track Program Elements Include:


Like no other environment, SIBs community enables  their members to play an active and effective role into the definition of standards, regulations and policies.  No one better than the innovators themselves know what work for them and how crucial the right policy may be. This track is for any member who wish to propose, share and evalutate current and future innovation policy, and is ready to play a leading role into transforming it. Read more about this track...

Track Program Elements Include:



The shape of funding is changing. SIBs community enables to investigate any opportunity, present projects, upload prototypes, get recognition and feedback from the grassroots community so to maximize any information about funding and investment and help members to access the counterparts they need to further develop their businesses. Read more about this track...

Track Program Elements Include:



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