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15:30 AM (CEST)

Generating Breathing Patterns In Real-Time: Low-Latency Respiratory Phase Tracking
From 25Hz PPG – Karman, Ian; Sun, Yue; Soroushmojdehi, Rahil; Silva, Jose A; Mohsenvand, Mostafa

15:50 AM (CEST)

Role of Big Data, AI and Deep learning in Medical Image training models and decision
support system using I4.0 technologiesBhatt, Kavita; S Kumar, Mohan

16:10 AM (CEST)

Commercial and Research-based Wearable Devices in Spinal Postural Analysis: A
Systematic ReviewPourshahrokhi, Narges; Sun, Yitong; Asadipour, Ali

16:30 AM (CEST)

Navigating Health Applications Realms: Consent Challenges and User Empowerment
in European LawMullerova, Petra

16:50 AM (CEST)

The Application of Virtual Reality in Enhancing Medical Education: Benefits,
Challenges, and Outlook for the Future