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At EAI, we believe in empowering researchers to reach their full potential. Our Author Journey is designed to provide you with a seamless and enriching experience, from the early stages of abstract submission to the final steps of publication.

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Starting your journey with EAI can offer you expertise, innovation, collaboration, impact, and networking opportunities in the field of ICT.

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How do you engage with academic research with EAI?

Submit Early, Thrive Soon

Submit your abstract early in the process and gain instant feedback from our advanced system. Receive personalized recommendations from our extensive EUDL library to enhance your research.

Connect with a Global Community

Your abstract will be showcased on our vibrant community platform, where experts, researchers, and enthusiasts converge. Engage in meaningful discussions, receive valuable insights, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Empower Your Research

Appreciate, follow, and comment on abstracts that resonate with you. Engage directly with authors or explore related papers from our EUDL library. Expand your network and enrich your understanding of the subject matter.

Collaborate with Confidence

Collaborate with Confidence

Contact authors directly to establish collaborations, seek advice, or explore opportunities for joint research endeavors. Forge connections that can propel your academic journey to new heights.

Write Better Papers

Write Better Papers, Increase Your Chances

Our comprehensive support system is geared towards helping you craft impactful papers. Leverage the feedback, engage with the community, and draw from our extensive resources to enhance the quality of your research.

Know more about other opportunities with EAI

The path to impactful research and publication begins with EAI. Join us and unlock a world of opportunities that will shape the trajectory of your research career.

Organize Conferences

Showcase your expertise in your field. Propose a conference to EAI.

Publish your paper

Publish your research paper in internationals journals and book series with EAI

Attend a Conference

Find your conference to attend and be a part of the global innovation drive.

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