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Seize a multitude of opportunities provided by the vibrant EAI community. From conferences to research workshops to publications, your membership unlocks doors to a range of programs designed to nurture talent and drive innovation.

Publish in over 100 confernce s

In EI jined springer , spcopus and all indexes,

Publish books, EISCC book series

Publosh in WiMONET, MONET ( Impact factorr). and indexed EAI Transactions 

Publishing confercees 

organizing conferences 

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Get recognized , based on puley peer evaluation,failry, transparently, by uniqe, evealuation system. 

Excel at each stage of your research journey

At EAI we are dedicated to helping you to achieve success at every stage of your research journey. See how you can grow your career with EAI.\

Transforming how research is recognized

By connecting researchers to our suite of community collaboration tools, EAI is transforming the way research is done, evaluated, and rewarded. One key benefit of this new approach is early community recognition – researchers can give and receive feedback on abstracts and get recognition through a unique system of ‘credits for participation’ that enables their progress to be visible and recognized.

We bring opportunities to progress your career

Providing tools and initiatives like our unique annual researcher of the year award increases a researcher’s visibility in both their workplace and community, and that brings with it the potential for new opportunities, for progression in their careers and as well as having a positive impact on their self-esteem.

The route to more effective publishing

Publication of research papers provides an opportunity for researchers to share their knowledge, achieve recognition, success, and progress their academic career. EAI’s own publications along with its unique partnership with Springer, supports this dissemination of knowledge through various publications, including journals, books, and conference proceedings.

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