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Transforming Global Research & Innovation

The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) is the world’s largest open ICT society. 

We help more than 250,000 researchers around the world achieve progress through collaboration, achieve recognition, and share their knowledge. 

Providing tools and initiatives like our unique Annual Researcher of the Year Award which increases a researcher’s visibility in both their workplace and community. This brings with it the potential for new opportunities, for progression in their careers and as well as having a positive impact on their self-esteem.

We do this through free membership, a platform of innovative collaboration tools, our publishing services and our global conferences, all of which have been built to encourage, mentor, and shape a researcher’s journey to success.

Transforming global research & innovation

By connecting researchers to our suite of community collaboration tools, EAI is transforming the way research is done, evaluated, and rewarded. One key benefit of this new approach is early community recognition – researchers can give and receive feedback on abstracts and get recognition through a unique system of ‘credits for participation’ that enables their progress to be visible and recognized.

A Beacon of Innovation

In our pursuit of advancing the global research and innovation agenda, EAI stands as a model of transparency, objectivity, equality, and openness, inviting scholars and professionals from all corners of the world to share knowledge and help shape a brighter and more enlightened future for humanity.

Imrich Chlamtac

Founder & President

Our Founder

Prof. Imrich Chlamtac
European Alliance for Innovation

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