EAI is led by top minds from the highest levels of government, research, industry and academia as well as from the grass-roots of the innovation community.


Steering Board

  • Chair of the Strategic Forum
    FET-Open, Future & Emerging Technologies, European Commission, DG CONNECT
  • Institutional members representative
    Vice-Rector for ICT and Infrastructures at the University of Roma “La Sapienza”
  • Corporate members representative
    IBM Senior Technical Staff Member
  • SME members representative
    R&D Projects and Technology Transfer Unit Coordinator
  • Affiliated members representative
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of EUROMICRO
  • International Cooperation representative
    Senior Vice President and Director, CA Labs

Advisory Board

  • Chair
    Former Head of Strategic Research at BT
  • Member
    Former President of the Autonomous Region of Trentino - Alto Adige
  • Member
    President, PlaNet Finance
  • Member
    President, Telecom Italia
  • Member
    Director at ISIS Innovation, Board Member TT Venture and Innovation Professor at Southampton University
  • Member
    Former Director, DG INFSO.D "Converged Networks and Services" European Commission, EC Directorate General for the Information Society
  • Member
    Professor of Telecommunications at the Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy)
  • Member
    Secretary General of the Council of Europe
  • Member
    Intellectual, Philosopher and Journalist
  • Member
    Head of Unit at the Research Institute of Finnish Economy
  • Member
    Professor of CS and EE in Stanford University
  • Member
    Founder and Managing General Partner of Pitango
  • Member
    Former Prime Minister of Palestine
  • Member
    Former EU High Representative and NATO Secretary General, President of Centre for Global Economics and Geopolitics ESADE
  • Member
    CEO of the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS); Co-founder of CR&T (Carlstedt Research and Technology), Chief Scientist at Recorded Future
  • Member
    Director of Technology, Innovation, & Entrpreneurship at National Academy of Sciences

EAI Innovation Academy Board of Trustees

Secretary for Information Technology Policy for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil
Director for Research Connections at Microsoft Research for Europe, Middle East and Africa
Executive President of the “Rey Jaime I” Prizes and Secretary of the Fundación Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados
Policy Forum Director and Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
EIT Governing Board and Minister of Education
Director of the Blue Brain Project at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
President of The Open University, Israel
President and Node Director of European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) Italy
FBK-IRST Senior Fellow, AAAI Fellow and ECCAI Fellow
Director of the Spanish National Centre of Supercomputing; Correspondant Academic of the Spanish Royal Academy of Science
Director and CEO of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI GmbH
Director of Technology, Innovation, & Entrpreneurship at National Academy of Sciences

Advisory Board

Dr. Lawrence Summers

former U.S. Secretary of Treasury and President Emeritus of Harvard

Prof. Eric Kandel

2000 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology and Medicine and professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Prof. Nicholas Negroponte

co-founder and former director of the MIT Media Lab

Dr. Maria Klawe

Board Director of Microsoft Corp. and President of Harvey Mudd College

Prof. Christopher S. Eisgruber

Provost of Princeton

Prof. Henry Rosovsky

former professor of Economics, former Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and former Acting President of Harvard

Dr. David Fischer

Vice President of Advertising and Global Operations at Facebook

Dr. André Azoulay

senior advisor to King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Prof. Bernard Henri Levy

influential intellectual, philosopher and journalist


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