EAI Projects

AUTOCLUSTERS is a project co-funded by South East Europe programme and European Union funds. The aim of the project is to bring together Universities, R&D institutions, SME support facilities from EU-15, NMS as well as IPA in order to parpare and create the first automotive network in South East Europe
The Strategic Forum is the strategy and advocacy body of EAI, where leading minds with insight and influence in industry, society, and government come together to engage in the mission of advancing innovation in Europe through EAI and its many facets.
IXItaly è un progetto che nasce dall’impellente urgenza di contrastare l’immobilismo scientifico e culturale italiano utilizzando l’innovazione come architrave di sviluppo, sul quale costruire realtà imprenditoriali che trasformano knowhow in prodotti e i prodotti in ricchezza e benessere.

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