Brussels, Belgium

The 3rd EAI Preparatory meeting took place on Friday 26th June 2009 in Brussels. The COST office kindly offered to host the event in their premises in the Louise Tower. Present at the meeting were representatives from CEPIS, COST, CREATE-NET, EIT, EMF, ETSI, EUREKA, ICST, Nanopolis and UTC.

The meeting involved discussions on the mission and the strategy that the EAI will adopt, but most importantly concrete steps have been taken towards the formation of the Alliance. The majority of participants at the meeting agreed to join the initiative and to set up an interim founding committee to start outlining the EAI.

The next meeting has been planned for the second half of October 2009 in Budapest, where the inauguration of the EAI offices (co-located with EIT) and the formal signatures of the members will take place.