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Join any of the conferences, accelerate your research journey. Dive into a world of innovation, knowledge, and connections. Explore what awaits you and how you can make the most from our conferences.

Your Attendant Journey

Our Attendant Journey takes you inside our vibrant community platform, providing you with a host of features designed to maximize your networking and collaboration opportunities.

Your conference journey begins with a personalized dashboard that keeps you informed about upcoming conferences that align with your interests and expertise. Never miss an opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge event.

Wondering who else is attending a specific conference? With our platform, you can easily view a list of attendees, giving you the chance to explore potential collaborations and connect with like-minded professionals.

Dive deeper into the community by exploring individual profiles and attendance preferences. Learn about their areas of expertise, research interests, and professional backgrounds.

Want to stay connected with a particular person? Follow them and receive notifications when they express interest in attending a conference. It’s a seamless way to build and nurture meaningful connections.

Our messaging function allows you to communicate directly with fellow attendees. Initiate conversations, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations from the convenience of our platform.

Take your collaboration to the next level by agreeing to meet at one of EAI’s events. Our conferences offer unique opportunities for face-to-face interactions that can catalyze partnerships and initiatives.

Join us in redefining how conference attendance can be a powerful catalyst for meaningful connections and collaborations in Information and Communication Technology and beyond.

Why start your Journey with EAI

Starting your journey with EAI can offer you expertise, innovation, collaboration, impact, and networking opportunities in the field of ICT.

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Experience the best path to become a general chair with EAI. Get actionable feedbacks, support & seamless conference management stacks in one place.

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