About Us

Values and mission

Progress through collaboration

We want to build the world’s largest, open and inclusive community of researchers, because we believe that the power of collective engagement, sharing talent and knowledge will accelerate individual progress and enable us to harness technology for the benefit of society. 

Our Mission

EAI has six core values on which this mission rests:

Our Values

We created EAI for people from all geographies and cultures to share, support, communicate, and collaborate.

EAI provides unique opportunities to shine, to be noticed, to be able to build a profile from the start of a career journey, to be recognized and seen.

EAI nourishes the community with tools, structures, and behaviors that encourage togetherness and hope, and not isolation.

EAI and its members are intentionally diverse, willing to share, inclusive, authentic, an egalitarian attitude used as an antidote to elitism.

EAI offers a new and clear path to success and recognition, one driven by what the future holds, and not what the past dictates.

EAI wants to create opportunities to engage the community, by delivering tools to make it easy,  and a brand people will want to engage with.

Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity

At the heart of EAI’s core values lies an unwavering dedication to principles that underpin its identity: transparency, objectivity, equality, and openness. EAI recognizes that the pursuit of knowledge knows no boundaries, and it is through these guiding principles that they have forged a path toward building a global research community that rewards excellence without discrimination.

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