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EAI is dedicated to creating an environment where every member receives the same opportunities, benefits and recognition for their contributions to the global research community regardless of economic status, country of origin, age, race or gender. As the largest free professional research society in the world, supporting development of science and research careers in emerging communities is EAI’s central mission.

The vision of fairness and equality shapes how EAI tackles existing biases in research. We offer free membership to create a truly inclusive environment, where anyone can fully participate, organize events and publish. EAI presents a unique review and evaluation system through a fair, anonymous and community-based review that eliminates the potential for prejudice that research originating from emerging countries sometimes experiences. Additionally, all proceedings in the European Union Digital Library are Open Access, which is free for members and potentially reaching thousands of readers.

EAI supports hundreds of conferences worldwide, with half of them taking place outside of Europe, the US or China. We view it as our responsibility to lend our expertise to emerging research communities, providing support and guidance throughout the conference organization process, including free-to-use technical tools, best practices and know-how, publications and conference development.

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Publish your conference proceedings and books with EAI and get full publishing service for your research venue with software and administrative support. All proceedings are made available in Open Access format in the European Union Digital Library (EUDL).

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The EAI Index is the first open and transparent system of recognizing great researchers worldwide. This ensures a fair and immediate recognition for all contributions to the global academic community.

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