General Chair Journey

Lead the Way:
Your Journey as a General Chair with EAI

The world eagerly awaits your expertise to confront escalating challenges, chart novel pathways, forge meaningful connections, and unveil fresh opportunities within your domain. Share your proposal and pave the path for pioneering innovation.

Build Your Reputation with EAI

At EAI, we’re dedicated to supporting visionary leaders like you in shaping the future of academic conferences

How Does Your General Chair Journey Look Like?

At EAI, we’re dedicated to supporting visionary leaders like you in shaping the future of academic conferences. Our General Chair Journey equips you with the tools and resources to propose, organize, and lead impactful international conferences.”

Propose a conference:

The EAI community serves as a valuable resource for you as a General Chair, offering expertise, enthusiasm, and innovation. As part of this community, you can receive comments, appreciation, committee role applications, and follow-up support for your upcoming conference

Engage with the Community:

The EAI community is a hub of expertise, enthusiasm, and innovation. Members can comment, appreciate, follow, or even apply for roles within the committee of your potential conference. This collaborative environment ensures that your conference benefits from diverse perspectives and skills.

Collect and Assess Feedback:

As the General Chair, you’ll play a crucial role in gathering and evaluating feedback from the community. This input will serve as your guide in forming the committee and improving the conference proposal

Proposal Review:

When you believe your conference proposal is ready for the next level, simply hit the “Propose to EAI” button. Our team will carefully inspect the proposal and offer a level of collaboration that aligns with your goals and resources.

Collaborate with Purpose:

EAI offers a range of collaboration levels, from full sponsorship to technical sponsorship and tailored services. This ensures that you have the support you need to bring your conference to life.

Your options to submit a Conference proposal

Are you passionate about a specific area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and believe it deserves its own dedicated conference? We welcome proposals for new conferences that push the boundaries of innovation. You have two options to prepare and submit your conference proposal.

Without Community

  • Manual proposal process
  • Standard topic validation
  • Find your own committee
  • Low community engagement
  • Communication via your own channels

With Community

  • Find global committee member
  • Increase conference visibility
  • Get higher engagement rate
  • Community-driven topic acceptance
  • Better communication with committee

Apply for a Sponsorship

Do you have an existing conference or event that aligns with EAI’s mission? We offer sponsorship opportunities to support initiatives that drive progress in ICT and related fields. Apply for sponsorship and let’s collaborate to make a meaningful impact.

Embark on Your General Chair Journey Today

The journey to a successful conference begins with EAI. Lead the way, inspire innovation, and leave a lasting legacy in your field.