About Us

Our History

Our history

EAI was founded in 2003, when ICT was rapidly reshaping industries and societies worldwide with the vision of creating an open platform where researchers, academics, and professionals could come together to share their insights and discoveries in the ever-evolving world of ICT. 

Founding and Early Years

EAI was founded with the vision of creating a dynamic platform where researchers, academics, and professionals could come together to share their insights and discoveries in the ever-evolving world of ICT. The organization's origins likely trace back to the early 2000s, a period when ICT was rapidly reshaping industries and societies worldwide.

Conferences That Amplify Community

As well as successfully running over 200 conferences around the world, EAI can use its community platform to connect researchers with similar interests to conferences where they can share knowledge, network, and increase their profile, identify members with relevant experience who can then take a role in an organizing committee or provide informed feedback on a paper for example.

Expanding Reach and Influence

Over the years, EAI expanded its reach, hosting conferences and initiatives in various parts of the world. This global approach allowed the organization to tap into diverse perspectives and foster international collaborations. Topics covered by EAI conferences encompassed a wide spectrum of ICT-related areas, reflecting the ever-expanding landscape of technology.

We Level The Playing Field

We see ourselves as an antidote to the elitist approach to research, publishing, and conferences - an approach that is often inaccessible to researchers in developing countries. We want to halt this disenfranchisement by offering free membership to our society with its unique platform of engagement tools to help researchers stop being isolated, and start communicating, connecting, and collaborating.

We Bring Opportunities to Shine

Providing tools and initiatives like our unique annual researcher of the year award increases a researcher’s visibility in both their workplace and community, and that brings with it the potential for new opportunities, for progression in their careers and as well as having a positive impact on their self-esteem.

Transforming How Research Is Done

By connecting researchers to our suite of community collaboration tools, EAI is transforming the way research is done, evaluated, and rewarded. One key benefit of this new approach is early community recognition - researchers can give and receive feedback on abstracts and get recognition through a unique system of ‘credits for participation’ that enables their progress to be visible and recognized.

The Route To More Effective Publishing

The publication of research papers provides the opportunity for researchers to share their knowledge, achieve recognition, success, and progress their academic career. EAI’s own publications along with its unique partnership with Springer, supports this dissemination of knowledge through various publications, including journals, books, and conference proceedings.

The Road Ahead

EAI continues to be a prominent force in the world of ICT conferences and research initiatives. Its commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in the technology sector remained unwavering. The organization's future endeavors likely included expanding its influence, embracing emerging technologies, and addressing the evolving challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing ICT landscape.

Foundation Meetings

Foundation Meetings & Summits

Foundation Meetings

In collaboration with the European Commision, EAI charted the road to an open society that fosters the relationship between research and innovation in europe and across the globe. with a collaborative grassroots approach, and laid groundwork for the founding of EAI.

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